August 2013 Updates

Drop-Kick 2013!
Before I drop-kick 2013 with my sharpest stiletto, I will stroke it with one kind gesture that it allowed me to express myself more to you all. There is a saying that 'a picture says a 1,000 words', but videos have been known to set unforgettable trends! In May of last year, I launched my first video interview series of some of the most respected, controversial, interesting guest in the esoteric community providing you invaluable first-hand information.

The responses have been overwhelmingly positive! I honestly thank everyone for your support and ask that you continue. Things will only heat up as I bring you even more professional productions, guest of the highest caliber, and unexpected surprises in 2014. For those who have been following me all these years know that I always do it BIG, EDGY not to mention provocative! So make sure if you haven't, that you
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Hello 2014!
This 1st day of the year reminds and positions us that we must MOVE ON to progress in all of our endeavours - we can only do so by leaving the past where it belongs. Today is not only a NEW Day, a NEW Year, but also a NEW Moon, which is excellent for NEW Beginnings, it can't get any better! I've a really good feeling that this year will be untouchable to the last so let's make 2014 massive!

The Past, Present & future
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The Oracles Pantheon

A while back aside from other shows, I had aired a podcast series called, 'The Oracles Pantheon' on BlogTalk Radio which was under the theme of me providing readings to the audience and also having other readers and mediums on as guest in answering pressing questions on all topics of spirituality, magick...and readings of course. The stage of this type of show is not as fluent as it is with having a sole guest to interview especially when doing so as a video so I thank everyone in advance for your patience in me putting this video together. You can expect this video posted on YouTube and other networks this month.
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I have been and will be working diligently behind the scenes conducting interviews for this year with a slightly different format that I am sure all will be pleased with.

As I have had time to reflect with many learned lessons of 2013 I have also decided to return to my roots and dedicate more in depth time into the works of magick and spirituality - what I can share will be evident in my articles posted for all to see and take away to apply as your own if it suits. Lastly, many of you have contacted me directly with your feedback, and suggestions of both guest and topics and you can be assured that I have taken all in account! If you haven't done so please provide your feedback and or suggestions to my shows and material that I bring to the public by contacting me via my
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